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The Story of Jessica Mason

       We all have a cause.  It may be driven by a personal passion or perhaps a family member, friend or other loved one.  In many cases a result of a tragic accident, disease, sickness or an unexpected event in life.  


 In 2012, my cause was found with the unexpected premature birth of my daughter, Morgan Grace, who came racing into this world at just 24 weeks gestation.  She weighed under a pound and a half, was bruised and so medically fragile they weren’t sure if she was going to make it even a few days. A week later, doctors discovered a severe brain bleed during birth caused a condition called Hydrocephalus and we were told her future was unknown and that she may never walk or talk.  Morgan defied all odds and today, despite several brain surgeries for Hydrocephalus, many long hospital stays, Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability, she is walking, bilingual and thriving. 

       Admittedly, I didn’t fully appreciate the power of charity until I found myself on the receiving end.  We accepted acts of service and kindness from more family members, friends and charities then I can ever possibly repay.  In my quest to give back to these causes that continue to help us along our challenging journey I realized our individual contribution doesn’t feel like it is making much of a difference.  Then I learned about the concept of collective giving. Individually our gift is insignificant, but together it can be powerful. Power of 100 Prior Lake was founded on this model and I feel blessed to contribute to the causes that the amazing women in our community care most about to make a powerful impact.

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